Thursday Oct 16, 2014

We are on our way to Elephant Island. We are scheduled to arrive there tomorrow afternoon. Not sure yet what we will find there as we have received reports from the government of South Georgia Island that there is a lot of ice around Elephant and the South Sandwich Islands this year. This would not necessarily mean that we cannot land but it would make things more complicated.  If at all possible, we will use zodiacs to reach the ice and then walk.  More on this subject tomorrow night.
Yesterday was definitely the worst day at sea. At Cape Horn and in the middle of the Drake passage there was a constant 40 knot wind and a 6-10’ swell which was enough to impact almost everyone on board. Water was constantly flowing over the boat’s bridge. We tried every brand of pills and devices to combat sea sickness but the majority of us rested horizontal for most of the day, surprisingly asleep! Only the crew and Ben seemed to be impervious to the choppy seas.
Today is much calmer with winds of only 10 knots. We are all getting up slowly.  Same for the albatross that were flying everywhere around us yesterday. Today they are probably relaxing somewhere too since there is much less wind.

Passing Cape Horn, at night, Oct 15 40 knot wind and 10' waves.
 For more information about  Cape Horn click HERE

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