Friday Oct 17, 2014

We continue on our way to Elephant Island. All is well on board. Outside the weather is hazy and chilly but relatively quiet.

At 11am, our first alert... Whales: three humpback whales. We slowed down to observe, enjoy and photograph/film. Every once in a while they come up to the surface to breathe and show their magnificent tails.  Orange stuff also come to the surface – it’s  whale pooh! The orange color is due to all the krill they’re eating.

At 1:55pm, another alert…. Iceberg: a large one, approx. 100m long at sea level.  A couple dozen Chinstrap Penguins enjoy the slopes of the iceberg and many are swimming around in the water.

At 3pm, we see Elephant Island for the first time. Actually what we see through the thick haze is just a shadow in the distance.

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