July 11-12: Arriving Resolute...

Flaam reports:
"Yesterday July 11th, we left Kimmirut early in the morning to arrive in Iqaluit. There we repacked most of our belongings to get organized on our way to the north. Finally, we took a flight from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay (Beth's hometown) with Zepher, Matty's dog, by our side. Much to our suprise it was 19 degrees when we got to the aiport, a record temperature off the charts! (We had all brought extra sweaters, hats and gloves in our backpacks!). Aziz greeted us at the airport to bring us back to his popular hotel, South Camp Inn. The town, only a few minutes from the airport, overlooks the bay.
Today, after having slept very well, we went to the Polar Continental Shelf Project where we met many scientists working in the region who were all brought together for this presentation (PCSP’s 50th year anniversary). Scientists gave presentations about Arctic birds, archaeology in the region, wetlands.... A few of us got to go visit the ship in the bay, the Louis St. Laurent. This ship has been traveling around taking ocean samples (water, mud, etc). We went to the ship by helicopter and the ride, though short, was a lot of fun. We were able to meet and ask questions to the scientists working on board the ship. On Monday (if the weather is OK), we will fly to northern Ellesmere to continue our adventure!"