The Pax Arctica – Russian Arctic Expedition 2017 – Focus on the team: the film-maker/cameramen




Bertrand Delapierre is one of those rare people who can take a camera along with him to the trickiest locations, and get the images for himself. He lives and works in Passy, on the route to Mont Blanc. In 1994, he left the valley to do an engineering degree in composite materials at Chambery, bringing together his passion for technology and his passion for the mountains. But his attraction to images eventually prevailed.

Now a director and cameraman, he began with images of surfing and skiing. A distinguished mountaineer, his knowledge has enabled him to share many steep descents in the Alps and the Himalayas with his friend and climbing partner Marco Siffredi (who was the first snowboarder to descend Mount Everest by the Norton corridor in spring 2001). His engineering knowledge enabled him to be at the origin of the first website dedicated to mountain videos. His high level of performance is omnipresent in his films, but it's simply a way of enhancing the beauty of the mountains and the intensity of a climbing story.

In 2014, he realized the movie The Pursuit of Endurance, On the Shoulders of Shackletonthe documentary of the expedition we did in South Georgia and Antarctic 

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