Friday Nov 7

Two days ago, Nov 5 was very exciting: We left the ship at 6:15am from Possession Bay to resume our climb and traverse. We were treated to a glorious morning, hardly any wind, blue sky. (This was consistent with the most recent weather forecast Ben received from his meteorologist friend in Chamonix.)
At 9:30am, we made it to the first landmark on our route, the Trident Pass. On our way there we could see two dots on the Trident mountain to our right: Bertrand and Geraldine had left two and a half hours earlier to climb this mountain (1947m) and ride it. They succeeded and rejoined our group at 12:30pm as we were traversing the long plain (15km) between the Trident Pass and Breakwind Pass, our next planned stop. That section was very long, monotonous and cold, especially since the morning sun disappeared behind clouds at midday. We reached a point just before Breakwind Pass where we decided to camp for the night as it was getting late (6pm), the visibility was low, it was cold and most of us were very tired after almost 11 hours of hiking. It would have been a risky to attempt to do the pass that evening and continue down on the other side to Fortuna Bay (another few kms). The end of the traverse will have to wait for the next day!

En route to the Trident pass, in the distance.

Arriving at the Trident Pass: cold, beautiful, windy…

 Arriving at our second camp in  the evening.

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