Tuesday Oct 21

6:05 pm: We are in sight of South Georgia Island, we should be there in the early hours of the morning, about 3am (it is actually beginning of the day at that hour at that latitude). There seems to be a window of relatively good weather (i.e., winds of 30km/h and snow showers) for the next two and a half days. So we will try to get started early to do most of the island crossing before the bad weather kicks in (100km/h winds, 50cm of snow, etc.). The last part of the crossing is ‘easier’ so we can always camp somewhere and sit out the storm. We will make final decision tomorrow morning in light of what we see on site and the latest weather forecast.
We plan on traveling as a group of nine, four British roped together and five French/Swiss together. This is not a competition, so there is no group trying to go faster than the other. We are all one team inspired by the unlikely exploit of Shackleton and his men a hundred years ago.  To Endurance!

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