Saturday Oct 18, 2014

We are up at 5:30am this morning, to take advantage of the sun coming out, with not so many clouds as yesterday.
We leave anchorage at 6am and go towards Point Wild, where Shackleton’s group of 22 men camped until being rescued four months later.
We arrive at what is left of their ‘beach’ at 10am and go on shore with the zodiac. It is very windy and cold. It is about –17ºC with the wind.
A few chinstrap penguins are onshore, along with a couple of fur seals. One of the fur seals is bleeding from the head: fight or accident?
I shake hand with David, my fellow Explorers Club member. We are thrilled to be here. After a very long start (stuck in Puerto Williams), we are now relatively lucky with the weather. Zoe goes uphill and takes another sample of snow for micronutrients analysis.

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