NORTH POLE at 3:22 pm (Longyearbyen time)

We've arrived! Earlier than planned because the drifting of the ice was favorable and generally moved us in the right direction. With the ice in constant movement - the North Pole is fleeting - but standing with the GPS in hand I see 90˚00.000' showing up on the display, but briefly, as the ice is shifting 1meter every 10 seconds. The only picture of the GPS I can take is 89º59.979'. I'll settle for that. close enough! The emotions are strong, we are very happy but it's almost too cold to celebrate. We are waiting for the helicopter to arrive to take us back to Barneo. Russian logistics insist on picking us up today. So even if we will not be spending the night at the pole (in fact meaning 'around the pole'), for now at least we are standing on top of the world!
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