Russian kids (15-18) on their way to the North Pole

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Today an An-72 airplane from the fleet of the Federal Security Service (FSB) arrived at Barneo. It brought the members and leaders of the 4th "Ski to the North Pole!" Youth Expedition. In December 2010 the Adventure Club held a contest to select participants. The seven lucky winners, aged 15 to 18, came to the Arctic to receive their prize: an opportunity to make a 100-km ski trek to the North Pole, accompanied by famous adventurers Matvei Shparo and Boris Smolin.

The youth expedition members are:

Arina Legkaya (Moscow)
Veronika Tsesko (Moscow)
Alexei Maltsev (Kungur, Perm Krai)
Alexei Podvolotsky (Veliky Ustyug)
Alexander Buzov (Livny, Orlov Oblast)
Sergei Kuznetsov (Novocheboksarsk, Chuvashia)
Yevgeny Velichko (Omsk)

Their guides are Roman Ponomarev and Ivan Dubov.

After a training session near the camp, the expedition participants boarded a helicopter to travel to the starting point of their ski trek