Misc news from Longyearbyen

Not much to do today as we are waiting for the Antonov plane to take us to Barneo tomorrow morning. Departure planned at 9am. we'll see... As always the Arctic is unpredictable. I went back with Ben to the hangar at the airport to check ou rpulkas, tents, and Ben made sure the checklist is... checked!

While there, met again Antonio (left) and Frederic from CNRS/LOCEAN in Paris as they were just finishing up preparing their scientific equipment which will be deployed near Barneo in the next few days. It is basically a float,named "Ice-T" for Ice-Thickness (nothing to do with the rapper from New Jersey). This is part of a larger project from ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) and IPEV (polar institute in France), named OPTIMISM (Observing
dynamical and Thermodynamical processes impacting The sea Ice Mass balance
from In Situ Measurements). More info at: http://optimism.locean-ipsl.upmc.fr