More Americans Doubt Global Warming

COUNTERINTUITIVE... but maybe at the end of a (relatively) 'cool' year, people look at a one-year data point instead of the centuries-long chart??
Michael Crichton's legacy lives on. A new survey by the Pew Research
Center shows a precipitous decline in the number of Americans who
believe in global warming. In 2007, 77 percent of Americans thought that
global warming was backed by scientific evidence. Today, it's only 57
percent, with the sharpest drop occurring in independent voters and
Republicans. The numbers were released just a week before the Senate
begins debating climate-change legislation. In anticipation of that, a
handful of scientific organizations have written Congress to confirm
that, indeed, global warning is a real phenomenon. How did this happen?
An associate director at Pew posits that bigger issues, such as the
economy and health-care reform, have taken the spotlight off climate
change as of late.