Conference - Thursday, October 22 @ 7 P.M.

Luc Hardy
Vanishing Arctic Ice Shelves
Thursday, October 22

The conference will take place @ The Arts Center, Meeting Room, 2nd floor, 299 Greenwich Ave.
Thursday, October 22 @ 7 P.M.

Lecture in English

In the summer of 2008, Luc Hardy led a 16 person expedition composed of scientists and “young ambassadors”, ages 9 to 17, to the Canadian Arctic to report on the rapid changes in the area. Slides of the voyage to this beautiful, but largely inaccessible region will accompany Mr. Hardy’s lecture on the eyewitness accounts as well as the scientific findings. Luc Hardy, President of Sagax in Greenwich, is also a keen environmental advocate and the founder of the Pax Arctica Initiative, created to increase knowledge of the threats facing the Arctic, to spread global peace, and to promote new ecological regulations in the region. Mr. Hardy will have on hand copies of his book, “Arctic Transitions: Witness to Change - Young Ambassadors in Nunavut”.