Jean-Michel Cousteau on Board of GreenCross France

I am happy to announce Green Cross France’s new Board of Directors. At the meeting in Paris on 2nd June, a new Board was elected with, as its Chairman, Mr. Jean-Michel Cousteau. In addition to being a Green Cross International ( Honorary Board Member, Jean-Michel Cousteau is a well-known and respected explorer, environmentalist, educator and film producer ( Educating people on water issues has been one of his focus areas. As the Executive Vice President of The Cousteau Society for nearly 20 years, and currently as the Founder and President of Ocean Futures Society, Jean-Michel travels the globe meeting with leaders and policymakers in governments and businesses, as well as with people at the grassroots level.

Other members of the GC France Board include Luc Hardy [that's me ;) - 2nd from right on photo], co-leader of the Pax Arctica expeditions, as secretary general; and Adam Koniuszewski [right], GCI Chief Operating Officer, as treasurer. Other Board members are Jean-Marie Martin, a former Director of the National Center for Scientific Research and a well known adviser on environment and sustainable development – also for the European Commission; and Jean-François Mermet [left], who has been the Deputy Mayor of Lyon and Vice-President of the Lyon city agglomeration for over two decades.