July 5-7: from Ashley

Ashley (12)

Ottawa July 5th
Dear Journal, I had a great day today. I got to meet all the kids! We got to hang out and learn a lot about everyone. We had a great meal cooked by a nice gracious family. The meal was delicious. One of the kids we met was named Kuria, and was from South Africa! He was really nice, and helpful! Kuria is 15. We also met someone name Mark. He is from Italy. I can’t believe he stayed up till 10:30 when it was like 5 AM for him. He was really nice! My sister Alexa left her journal at the family’s house, and she left. He got it for her, and gave it to her. It was soooo nice! I can’t wait until tomorrow!!

July 7th
We woke up and went for breakfast at Matty’s house. After we went to the science museum and learned a lot about cool things (plants and ice). We went back and talked about the center and then we went there. We watched a movie about sfety in the Arctic. We went back to Matty’s house where we spent a long time packing. Then Ainhoa and Flaam helped weigh the luggage to see if we were 2900 pounds. Fortunately we were close (3180). We went to the beach and got stuck in quicksand a lot. Flaam saved us. On our way back we saw dead whale blubber. We all got on the roof and jumped. Flaam and Kuria took pictures of me jumping off the roof. Mark made us crack up on the porch. Then Matty told us that we were leaving. At the airport we played hang games. Then my mom and Mary bought homemade pizzas. Mark was hilarious during the games. Then we heard that we might no make it because there wasn’t enough room in the plane. Then Sebastian and Luc arranged it so we could go. The girl pilot was really mean and rude. We landed safely by the river and went on to bring the luggage really far away, and it was heavy especially the rafts were 95 pounds. Then Matty set up our tent as demonstration. Then we snacked and went to bed.