July 19: News from Otto Fjord

We arrived at Otto Fjord Wednesday evening - the visibility was low but
much better than Ward Hunt. The pilots flew over Ward Hunt three times to assess the options, but there was no way they could land the Twin Otter given the poor weather and fog.
Otto Fjord is amazingly beautiful, "awesome" as the kids say,
hundreds of icebergs in all sizes. The colors are changing constantly,
white, blue, gray, green, ocre from the land... Impressionist painters
would have spent a lot of time here, had they been given the chance.
Thursday we hiked 8.55 km to see a glacier. It is definitely melting,
but hard to say at which speed and whether or not it has shrunk over time. We will inquire further about this glacier when given the chance. Hopefully we'll be picked up by the Twin Otter tomorrow and taken to Ward Hunt.
Patience is required in the Arctic!