July 14 - Heading North!

Brian (our cameraman) reporting...:

After a three day rafting trip down the Soper River - an adventure filled with wet shoes, what had to be the world's angriest mosquito swarm, sleep or lack thereof in broad daylight next to caribou bones, and more than a few people falling overboard - we made it to Kimmirut, an outpost of a town built to defy the cold and keep a grip on Inuit tradition. It felt like the old west, and for us it was a kind of Shangri-la of hot showers and food that didn't involve peanut butter or jelly. Kuria and Mark fell right in with the locals, and Beth found an unexpected relative. All of us left feeling welcomed and broadened by the visit. Leaving Kimmirut, another flight took us to Resolute - Beth's hometown. Stepping off the plane we were hit with startling heat - record temperatures for Resolute (beating the record set last year on the same day.) This, of course was a jarring reminder of why we came here in the first place. After a night at Beth's father's hotel we visited with scientists who showed us their world, research and general efforts to decode what is happening to this stark and beautiful land.

It's been a breathtaking trip, and we are still heading north! Our destination is still a good 6 hour plane ride away. I think it's safe to say we are all looking forward to where that journey will take us...
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