"fun trip..."

July 6, 2008
[Alexa] Today was one long day, but it sure was a fun-filled one too. Boogie (Olympia), Nicole (her mom), and me where all sitting next to each other on the plane ride from Ottowa to Iqualuit. Boogie and I had such a blast on the plane ride, we practically giggled the whole 3 ½ hours. When we finally landed we had four hours until our next flight, but that never happend because of the terrible weather. Instead we went to Matty’s wonderful home and spent most of the day there. While we were at her house Brian (our cameraman) interviewed me and I think I did a very good job, and I have noticed that I am not “scared” of being in front of a TV camera, which is very good. The reason why I am not being afraid of talking in front of a camera is because I have a dream about being in movies and now I know I am not worried. YES!!!!! All of us kids laughed and played all day long. I feel as if all of us are brothers and sisters. We have all became a big family and it is so much fun. This trip has started out to being a trip of a lifetime and I am thrilled about everything that has happened and that is going to happen. This is such a great beginning of a wonderful trip!!!