On Sunday afternoon we flew to Radstock Bay in hopes of spotting some polar bears. I'm now the only kid left from the team! We didn't have to search long before seeing two bears from the windows of the Twin Otter.
After landing near a few huts, we walked about 5km over to a place called the Caswall Tower that was on top of a HUGE cliff. The climb was very steep but we made it up. Thanks to our binoculars, we spotted another bear strolling along the sea ice probably searching for some dinner.
After waking up the next day to very strong winds we went over to the ridge but were unable to see any more bears. We returned later in the afternoon and saw one then! We tracked it for a while and noticed it was certainly waiting for a seal to come out of its hole. This morning we were picked up by the Twin Otter while walking back to the huts and we're leaving Resolute to go back home on Thursday!
[from Aïnhoa - July 29]