Launch of the Pax Arctica Initiative

Paris, France - June 4th 2008, the Pax Arctica Initiative was launched during a kick off press conference. Among the participants of the event were Former Prime Minister of France Michel Rocard, expedition leaders Luc Hardy, Bertrand Charrier, and President of Green Cross France Yves Paccalet. Prime Minister Michel Rocard related the diplomatic mobilization that resulted in the adoption of the Protocol on Environmental Protection of the Antarctic Treaty in the early 1990s.

Expedition leaders Luc Hardy, Sebastian Copeland and Bertrand Charrier officially launch the Pax Arctica Initiative and announce the northern tip of the Canadian Arctic as the first destination in this series of Arctic missions. The Pax Arctica Initiative is a series of expeditions undertaken by environmental advocates in collaboration with Green Cross France and Global Green USA, designed to alert public opinion of critical environmental issues that endanger the Arctic region. Spanning a period of three years from July 2008 to 2010, Pax Arctica will emphasize focused research by ecological scientists and environmental advocates to explore and assess the ecological conditions and the geopolitical climate of the Arctic. The ultimate goal is to determine the steps needed to preserve the Arctic ecosystem for generations to come and to encourage the ratification of international policies to ensure the preservation of the Arctic habitat.