Global Green USA Awards

Last night, at New York's Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park, I attended Global Green USA 8th Annual Designing a Sustainable and Secure World Awards dinner which honored leading innovators for their extraordinary contributions.
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“For the first time, all of our honorees are leaders from the corporate world,” said Matt Petersen, President and CEO of Global Green USA, “In a year when an unprecedented number of companies are deciding on going green, American companies should look to this year’s award winners and the innovative results they have achieved through a balanced approach to sustainability which have also proven to be profitable.”

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Anchorwoman Katie Couric arrived fashionably late for the red carpet entrance but the host of the Global Green USA’s Designing a Sustainable and Secure World Awards had to first deliver the CBS Evening News to the American public.

The awards event was held at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park City and was packed with eco-friendly celebs, active environmentalists and green innovators. Speakers included actors Josh Lucas, Josie Maran, playwright Eve Ensler, and the beautiful and talented Glenn Close. Other notable celebs in attendance were comedian Chevy Chase, actress Kyra Sedgewick, CNN contributor Jeff Greenfield, and Matt Peterson, President & CEO, Global Green. Josie Maran, who recently launched a green beauty product line, proudly also announced that her baby wears G Diapers. She shared and interesting green fact that I was unaware of: flying on a red eye gives off more carbon gas than other flights so she tries to avoid doing so.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg excitedly shared the details and video of plans for the city’s first Green School in the Lower Manhattan. Sloan & Roger Barnett, owners or Shaklee Corp. and winners of the Organizational Design Award, explained how they got started. Their son was diagnosed with severe asthma. After extensive digging they discovered no family history of asthma and realized their son must have gotten asthma from the environment. They urged for every school to use natural cleaning products.

Pratt Industries earned the Industrial Design Award and was accepted by Anthony Pratt, CEO & Chairman. This year’s winner for the Green Building Design Award Media and Entertainment Design Award given to Discovery and accepted by David Zaslav, President & CEO. The Founder Award was given to Scott Seydel, President, EVCO.

The night included a silent Eco-Auction and contributors included BOSCH, Citizen Watch, Farm 2 Market, EDUN. My personal favorite was the ME & Ro bracelet. During the delicious, organic dinner I had a chance to talk to some attendees and a heard repeated sentiment about the great Brad Pitt. Most agreed he has been doing a stellar job getting people aware, but several people expressed mild disappointment that he did not even mention the name Global Green on the Today show interview yesterday in New Orleans.