The Focus on Alaska expedition was held in July 2012 in the Aleutian Islands. The expedition started in Dutch Harbor and terminated in Kodiak Island.


Disko Bay is a bay on the western coast of Greenland. The bay constitutes a wide southeastern inlet of Baffin Bay.

To the south the coastline is complicated with multiple waterways of skerries and small islands in the Aasiaat archipelago. Qasigiannguit and Ilimanaq are the main settlements in the southeastern inlet, just south of the outflow of Ilulissat Icefjord. Ilulissat is the principal town in the Disco Bay and the most visited place in Greenland. The word Ilulissat means Icebergs.

From the north the bay is bounded by Qeqertarsuaq, the largest island on the western coast. North of Ilulissat and west of Aluttoq Island the bay transforms into Sullorsuaq Strait separating Qeqertarsuaq from Nuussuaq Peninsula.

It is the largest open bay in western Greenland, measuring 150 km north to south and 100 km east to west. It has an average depth of 400 m and average water temperature of 3.5 °C. Although, in winter it drops to -1.75 °C and then rises up to 12 °C in summer. Although, this is changing, as it has been gradually warming up since 1997.

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Flying from Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat.