Greenland 2007

Using science and education, the Expedition’s goal has been to create awareness about global warming with an emphasis on the melting of Greenland's glaciers and pack ice in particular.

Our local goals:

In July 2007, Sagax scientific and environmental eco-science team measured global warming impact on wildlife in the Arctic region of Greenland: Ivory Gull, polar bear, bowhead whale, lichen, etc…We also reached the Top of Greenland (Highest peak in the Arctic), a symbol of Greenland’s shrinking ice-cap, while collecting lichen samples and censusing ivory gulls colonies in the peak’s region. Reach the Top of the World: the Northernmost point of land on earth (this area, rich in flora and fauna which will be analyzed and measured, is particularly sensitive to global warming).


  • Highlights of the expedition Top of Greenland: Hvitserk (Gunnbjørnsfjeld): 3693m/12,168’ Camp Icefield (100km north of Gunnbjørnsfjeld): Our team will locate, count and survey ivory gull colonies, a barometer of local climate changes.

  • Kap Morris Jesup/Oodaaq Qeqertaa: Northernmost point of land in the world. Our team will try to reach the Northernmost dry point on Earth. In that effort, we will be helped by Ben, an expert in paramotoring. Greenland - Northeast islands: Our team will survey the local polar bear, bowhead whale, walrus and ivory gull population and their recent evolution.

  • Cape Morris Jesup Northern Greenland.

Living on the edge of a shrinking habitat: the ivory gull, Pagophila eburnea, an endangered sea-ice specialist

Presentation of the expedition - Video in FRENCH: 

Présentation de l'expédition 2007 SAGAX - REVO - Ecopolaris durant laquelle des chercheurs du GREA ont étudié les conséquences du réchauffement climatique sur la Faune et le Flore du Groenland. Science on Tourne, copyright France 2 / XD productions.

The team

Luc Hardy on News 12 CT's Education Notebook - June 12, 2007

Ottawa, last minute preparations for the Young Ambassadors:

JUNE 17, 2007.

Preparing equipment before loading the Twin Otter. Departure tomorrow for Greenland. The big skis are for the plane!

June 20, 2007.

JUNE 25, 2007.

June 26, 2007.

June 27, 2007.

June 29, 2007.

Fitting Radio Transmitters on skuasrtert - July 2, 2007.

KAFFEKLUBBEN – July 5, 2007 - The northernmost island and land mass on earth!

Henrik Krøyer Holme island (north east Greenland) - July 10 to July 15, 2007.


We met Beth, our Inuit Ambassador, at the airport.

We met Beth, our Inuit Ambassador, at the airport.

On the Soper River:


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