Green Cross Frances & Territoires


GCFT is the French part of Mikhaïl Gorbatchev’s NGO (Green Cross International), under presidency of Jean-Michel Cousteau and Vice-Presidency of Luc Hardy.

Its goal is to keep a healthy environment for a sustainable and peaceful future for our world. GCFT’s action can be found in both advocacy activities and tangible projects. It is sorted in 5 main themes:

1. Water

2. Prevention and anticipation of environmental crises

3. Encouragement of transition towards more sustainable and peaceful ways of development (specifically in water, food and energy issues)

4. International co-operation

5. Education

GCFT develops both national and international projects. One of them is the Smart Water for Green School (SWGS) Project. The goal is to facilitate access to water and sanitation, and also allow children to go to school during the time they save from collecting water. All projects are initiated, designed and supported with local Green Cross coordination. 22 villages have already set up this system in Ghana.

Green Cross is developing new SWGS projects in the Volta basin, and is launching pilot projects in Bolivia, Sri Lanka and China. Insights and updates on: Green Cross Smart Water.

Website: Green Cross France