The pursuit of endurance at the Greenwich High School, Nov 30,16

Q&A After the screening:

Shackleton's adventure flies to Nepal 

If you happen to be in Kathmandu on Dec. 12… "The Pursuit of Endurance" has the honor to be nominated for the KIMFF - Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, taking place from Dec 8-12th. Nice to see our film being screened in this wonderful country! Hope you can attend the screening! Follow the event and add it in your calendar. 



The screening of “The Pursuit of Endurance” with Greenwich Education Group on Nov.2 led to a lively discussion with the public covering many exciting subjects, such as the expedition, extreme conditions in Antarctica and climate change...  Luc Hardy also revealed some of his plans for the future expeditions to come... 
Learn more by watching the video on Youtube.

Luc Hardy with Victoria Newman, Founder and Executive Director at Greenwich Education Group. Pictures by ©Eliézer Ndinga:


A few news about Green Cross’ Climate: OCEAN Objective initiative:

The success of CoP21 is helping us in having efficient and results-oriented objectives to both prepare CoP22. The subject of Oceans has been introduced at the previous Conference, and will be carried further at CoP22.

This year could become the year of an agreement to plan the end of plastic waste in the seas.

As part of CoP22 Marrakech Events we will present:

 “2017: Stop plastic in the seas” – Friday, Nov.11 from 11:00am to 12:30am – Green Zone Conference Room (TBD)

With the contribution of: Patrick Deixonne (7ème continent), Bruno Dumontet (Expédition MED), Luc Hardy (Sagax), Dominique Héron (ICC France), François-Michel Lambert (Institut de l’Economie circulaire), Anthony Lecren (Ministre de l’Ecologie de Nouvelle-Calédonie), Houria Tazi Sadeq (Coalition Marocaine pour l’eau) and Bouchta El Moumni (Université Abdelmalek Essaadi).

The discussion will be followed by a:

Screening “The Pursuit of Endurance – On the shoulders of Shackleton” –  from 1:30pm to 4:00pm

In presence of Luc Hardy, co-producer of the film.

Learn more about Climate: Ocean Objectives.

See Green Cross CoP22 full programme.

Article by robert bunes, September 15th 2016

Two Antarctic enthusiasts met after the screening "The Pursuit of Endurance: On the Shoulders of Shackleton" at the French-American Chamber of Commerce, September 13th 2016.

Q&A after the screening of "The Pursuit of Endurance" at FIAF

"Secrets of the World’s Super-Explorers" By Angela Almeida and John Surico May 27, 2015

It’s been a busy weekend for Don Walsh. Yesterday he attended a lunch, followed by a high tea. Then he moderated a panel on polar travels aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid, the warship docked on the Hudson River. A subsequent cocktail reception lasted long into the night. On this snowy morning in March, there is an early talk at the United Nations... Read More


Contribute to the film ODYSSEA 3D: Save Oceans with Jean-Michel Cousteau

Did you know that every other breath you take is a gift from the sea? Yes, that’s right. Phytoplankton in the ocean, through photosynthesis, produce more than half the oxygen on Earth! That is one of the reasons we all depend on the health of the ocean for our survival.

We are accustomed to seeing the large animals such as whales, dolphins and sharks, and many of us have focused on protecting them. However, they represent only the top of the food chain while everything in the ocean and on our planet depends on the bottom of the food chain.

ODYSSEA 3D focuses on this crucial part of the food chain: From plankton to tiny animals that feed on plankton and which are in turn source of food for species in the entire food chain. Protecting the ocean means not just protecting the large animals but also those that are small and fragile.

We need you to become part of our team not only by financially contributing to our campaign but also by spreading the word to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and colleagues. Together we can complete the movie and also start to market it around the world. The more of us get involved, the easier it will be to find distributors in countries all over the world. And all together we will take part in raising awareness for millions of people to protect the ocean.

We have a very limited timeframe as we want to be ready by May 2016, not only to market the film to worldwide distributors at the Cannes Film Festival, but also to take advantage of an amazing marketing opportunity. Indeed, May 2016 is the 60th anniversary of the Golden Palm Award Jacques Cousteau won in 1956 for THE SILENT WORLD, and Jean-Michel Cousteau would be then able to present ODYSSEA 3D in Cannes as a tribute to his father.

screening of "The Pursuit of Endurance" at “Maison Française” the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C.

debate following the film screening of "The Pursuit of Endurance ­- On the Shoulders of Shackleton" aT Ciné Lumière In­ London

Screening of "The pursuit of Endurance" at Cop 21, Grand palais in Paris

FILM INTRODUCTION with Luc Hardy and Nicolas Imbert

DEBATE and Q&A POST-FILM: With Luc Hardy, Nicolas Imbert and Bertrand Delapierre at COP 21

Interview of Luc Hardy about "The Pursuit Of Endurance" by Sopra Steria

Screening of "The pursuit of Endurance" at United Nations in New York. Here is the video showing introductory remarks as well as the full Q&A.

WGCH Luc Hardy and Renee Ketcham interview – The Pursuit of Endurance at the AVON Theater, Stamford, Sept 10.