Pax Arctica Initiative

The Pax Arctica initiative was created to promote awareness of the threats facing the Arctic, polar regions and oceans, to convey a global message of peace, and to support the introduction of new ecological regulations.



The Pax Arctica Initiative, founded and led by Luc Hardy, pursues its mission through several complementary activities, starting with the organization of eco-scientific explorations to the production of various booksfilms and photographs. A visit through our website will inform you about our past and future projects.


Latest Expedition – CURACAO, August 2018

Luc Hardy has been invited by David Kline to sponsor a Coral Reef expedition in Curacao in August/September 2018.







Luc is an entrepreneur, veteran adventurer, environmental advocate, author, member of the Explorers Club of New York. Luc is an engineer graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris. He is president of Sagax, a US-based investment and management advisory firm. His curiosity for the world and his love of adventure stem from his origins in Brittany. When he is not relaxing in his Connecticut tipi, he pursues a personal goal of traveling extensively across the globe, photographing and reporting from remote places in order to raise awareness for global causes. 

Over the years, Luc has led several expeditions in polar and glacier regions (e.g., Antarctica – 2003 to highlight the region’s importance as a regulator of global weather systems). In 2007, Luc has led a team of scientists to Greenland to explore the effects of climate change on local wildlife. Additional expeditions have included: The Pax Arctica Himalayas Expedition – 2009, the Pax Arctica – North Pole Expedition 2011 and Focus on Greenland – 2011. More expeditions are to come as he continues exploring the globe in it's most remote places. All expeditions have included children as youth ambassadors and witnesses of the dramatic changes occurring in these regions.



Latest news: September 17, 2018
Translation in French of ‘The Kingdom of Ice’

After reading and greatly appreciating the book of Hampton Sides, 'The Kingdom of Ice', four years ago, Luc Hardy decided to carry out the Russian Arctic 2017 expedition and the Arktika Incognita movie. Today he is happy to announce that the book is now available in French, published by Paulsen Publishing.


Latest news: May 2, 2018
Luc Hardy, interview on BFM Business, presentation of Arktika Incognita

2017 : If there is any portent that 2017 will be full of surprises it’s that on New Year’s Day I found myself in my birth town of Memphis, Tennessee sitting atop a 321-foot glass pyramid overlooking not the Nile but a foggy Mississippi River. [...]


Latest post :

On August 27 a team of scientists and explorers will travel aboard the R/V Chapman to the uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao as part of a series of oceanographic expeditions designed to document the health and biodiversity of shallow and deep reef ecosystems. This will be the inaugural expedition [...]