Conference 934: Probing the Unknown, Pushing Human Limits - A Discussion with 21st Century Explorers

Here is the full video of the Conference 934 at the Consulate General of France in New York City. The lecture in which Luc and other explorers took part, was moderated by Jim Clash, in January 2018.


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Luc is an entrepreneur, veteran adventurer, environmental advocate, author, member of the Explorers Club of New York. Luc is an engineer graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris. He is president of Sagax, a US-based investment and management advisory firm. His curiosity for the world and his love of adventure stem from his origins in Brittany. When he is not relaxing in his Connecticut tipi, he pursues a personal goal of traveling extensively across the globe, photographing and reporting from remote places in order to raise awareness for global causes. 

Over the years, Luc has led several expeditions in polar and glacier regions (e.g., Antarctica – 2003 to highlight the region’s importance as a regulator of global weather systems). In 2007, Luc has led a team of scientists to Greenland to explore the effects of climate change on local wildlife. Additional expeditions have included: The Pax Arctica Himalayas Expedition – 2009, the Pax Arctica – North Pole Expedition 2011 and Focus on Greenland – 2011. More expeditions are to come as he continues exploring the globe in it's most remote places. All expeditions have included children as youth ambassadors and witnesses of the dramatic changes occurring in these regions.


Luc’s voyages have resulted in the publishing of several books, including: Antarctic – Adventure (2004), Greenland – Impressions (2007) and Arctic – Transitions (2008) – "The Pursuit of Endurance" - On The Shoulders of Shackleton (2015).

Luc is an avid and expert photographer who has been published in many publications (Paris Match, GEO, etc.) and exhibitions.

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Conference 934: Probing the Unknown, Pushing Human Limits - A Discussion with 21st Century Explorers

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you thrilled by new discoveries? The next Conference 934 is for you!

On January 11th, 2018 at 6:30 pm, the Consulate will host a conference on the Explorers of the 21st Century. The conference will focus on what it means to be an explorer nowadays. To that aim, three explorers will share their experience and impressions about the most interesting fields of research and the recently explored or unexplored parts of the world.

Luc Hardy, member of the Explorers Club and head of the NGO Pax Arctica Initiative, conducts scientific expeditions and has traveled to the remotest corners of the world to raise public awareness about environmental causes. Cave DiverNatalie L. Gibb, also a member of the Explorers Club, has been an active cave explorer since 2009, and has explored over twenty cave systems in Mexico. Vanessa O’Brien, member of the Explorers Club and of the Scientific Exploration Society, is the first American and British woman to summit K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, in 2017.

Each of them will be pleased to show you videos and pictures of their explorations and discoveries. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the conference: do not hesitate to ask them questions!

The conference is free and open to the public. 
Please RSVP to:
Seats are limited.